Curriculum Vitae

Katandy’s Calypso Moon 

Home Schooled in basic education (February 2008 to present)
Newville, PA

PhoDOGraphy Class (March 2010)
RedFern Canines Training, Harrisburg, PA

“Leave No Trace Behind” Camping Class (June 2010)
Withun Campground, Newville, PA

“Leave it” Training Class (September 2010)
Fieldwood Dog Training, Plainfield, PA

Art of Shaping Class (August 2012)
DSA Blue Ridge Mini Camp


Philanthropist — In June 2009 after a brief stint on the show circuit, I decided that I could make my mark on the world by giving to those less fortunate than myself. So, rather than throw away my weekly allowance in confirmation show entry fees, I decided to put it to better use by fulfilling my philanthropic aspirations. While my work experiences can be broken into various positions, they all essentially fall under my title as philanthropist because the proceeds generated are donated to various non-profit agencies, which have included:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Adopt A Boxer Rescue
  • Dog Scouts of America
  • Morris Animal Foundation Canine Cancer Campaign
  • Head Baker & Chief Examining Officer (CEO) – Brushtown Area Barkery
    • Supervise the production of the baking at the Barkery.
    • Personally taste a sample biscuit from every batch of cookies to ensure that the highest quality standards are met.

PlayPup — In my short time on Mother Earth, my mug has appeared on bags of biscuits, calendars, and various other displays throughout the country while raising money for those less fortunate — both four-legged and two-legged alike

Editor-in-Chief of Newman’s Notes — Since its inception in March 1998, Newman's Notes has had visitors from all 50 states and 66 countries from around the world.


  • Therapy Dog International – (April 2012 to present)
  • Dog Scout of America (DSA) Title – Active Member of Troop 161 (July 2009 to present)
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Title – September 2009
  • Grand Prize Winner ( Howl-o-ween Photo Contest) – November 2010 for posing as Squanto with my Frenchie brother Captain John Smith
  • Half-time Performer, American Boxer Club 2009 Mid-Atlantic Regional, Frederick, MD
    • Crafted a sea-faring vessel emulating the 2009 Mid-Atlantic ABC logo and sailed around the ring immediately preceding Best of Breed judging generating publicity for Potomac Boxer Club as well as Adopt A Boxer Rescue. Raised $100 in donations.


Active Supporter/Volunteer of Adopt A Boxer Rescue – (February 2008 to present)

  • Raised $1,000 in less than two months for critically injured Boxer, Sassy Mae. Armed with only an apron and rolling pin, Mom, Roger and I waged war against Sassy Mae's vast vet bills by baking and selling 3,224 homemade dog biscuits which we donated to AABR specifically for Sassy Mae's vet bills.

Big Brother – (August 2009) – History of Katandy’s Triple Threat

  • In 2008 after a devastating loss in the conformation ring, we were presented with the opportunity to rescue a Frenchie who was in need of a good home. Without batting an eye, I whole-heartedly welcomed my little, older brother Roger into the family, willingly sharing my Mom and Dad, as well as my bed and couch with the little Frenchman.
  • In 2009, Mom and I decided to do a little early Christmas shopping for Dad, who has always wanted an English Bulldog. Fortunately, there was a little girl named Peachy, who Mom had her eye on since birth. After a brief discussion, Mom asked me if I wanted a sister and I responded, “That sounds Just Peachy!” So on November 21, 2009, Peachy became my little sister Thelma Lou!” And Katandy’s Triple Threat was born!

Dog Scouts of America (DSA) – Active Member of Troop 161 (July 2009 to present)

  • PhoDOGraphy Merit Badge
  • Overnight Camping Merit Badge
  • Hiking Merit Badge
  • Lure Coursing Merit Badge
  • First-Aid Merit Badge
  • Advanced First-Aid Merit Badge (CPR)
  • Dog Grooming and Maintenance Merit Badge
  • Stunt-dog during DSA presentation on proper use of pet oxygen masks to county-wide fire departments and other first responders
  • Bell Ringer for Salvation Army

Selected Publications:

  • The French Bullytin (Vol. 29, No. 3). Featured with my brother for Dog Scout work.
  • The Boxer Ring (July/August 2009). Featured for my philanthropic work for Sassy Mae.
  • The French Bullytin (Vol. 26, No. 4). Featured with my Frenchie brother Roger wearing fatigues to show our support for U.S. troops.
  • The Boxer Ring (November/December 2009). Pictured for my “half-time” performance at the ABC Mid-Atlantic Regional show in Frederick, MD.
  • Newman’s Notes (February 1998 – present). Personal blog about everything dog. 


  • Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Leave It, and Heal (responds to both vocal commands and hand signals)
  • Professional Kisser
  • Professional Beggar (for both food and money)

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