Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tribute to a very special lady

It is with very heavy heart that I tell you that this past week I lost a dear boxer friend – Ch. Amity Hall's Rock the Casbah, CGC and TT – or as her family and friends knew her – Cassye. Although I really only got to know Cassye during the past year or so, I consider myself very fortunate to have been her friend.

Cassye exhibited the finest characters of the boxer breed. Affectionate and alert. Playful and protective. Charismatic and caring. That was Cassye in a nutshell.

Cassye looks out for her family

Cassye entices her granddaughter Peanut to have a little fun

Cassye was a great momma – even to puppies that weren't her own. Last fall she "mothered" a litter of rescue puppies that Aunt Beth was fostering for Adopt a Boxer Rescue. She was a great comfort to the baby boxers in need, allowing them to nurse and keeping them clean.

Foster Mom Cassye cares for AABR pups

Cassye was known to keep more than puppies clean, too. Mom "camped out" with her and Aunt Beth for a  couple of nights and Cassye was more than happy to share her bed with Mom, so long as she cleaned Mom's face with tons of boxer-dog kisses before bedtime. When Mom returned home the next day, she was still covered in boxer spit from compassionate Cassye's kisses.

Camper Queen Cassye at Centre Hall (July 2009)

Cassye was a true champion in the ring. She even kicked my butt at ten years old in Easton, MD by participating in the Veteran's Class and bringing home a ribbon.

Cassye in the Parade of Champions at ABC (May 2003)

Party Animal Cassye at 10 years young

Thanks for all the joy you brought to so many people throughout your life. You truly were a very special boxer and will never be forgotten. My little Peanut sure has a tough act to follow, but at least she was fortunate enough to have had you as a maternal mentor the first couple years of her life.

"Momma" Cassye snuggles with AABR foster puppy

Rest in Peace, Cassye. You did a wonderful job "mothering" here on Earth. Now you can comfort all the puppies at the Rainbow Bridge who have gone before you — exhibiting all the beautiful characteristics of the angel you truly are. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010


It's Easter! So what's all the buzz about? Katandy's Triple Threat Killer Bees. That's what! Hailing from Severna Park, MD, these rare but deadly bees have banded together to form one of the most lethal swarms known to dogkind. Having hit the jackpot of pollen in a little village located outside of Newville, PA, the Triple Threat has taken up permanent residence at the Brushtown Area Memorial Gardens. Those who have fallen prey to the Triple Threat's potent poison often find themselves laughing uncontrollably at their comical antics.

Queen Bee Thelma Lou with her two drones Newman and Roger