Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tribute to a very special lady

It is with very heavy heart that I tell you that this past week I lost a dear boxer friend – Ch. Amity Hall's Rock the Casbah, CGC and TT – or as her family and friends knew her – Cassye. Although I really only got to know Cassye during the past year or so, I consider myself very fortunate to have been her friend.

Cassye exhibited the finest characters of the boxer breed. Affectionate and alert. Playful and protective. Charismatic and caring. That was Cassye in a nutshell.

Cassye looks out for her family

Cassye entices her granddaughter Peanut to have a little fun

Cassye was a great momma – even to puppies that weren't her own. Last fall she "mothered" a litter of rescue puppies that Aunt Beth was fostering for Adopt a Boxer Rescue. She was a great comfort to the baby boxers in need, allowing them to nurse and keeping them clean.

Foster Mom Cassye cares for AABR pups

Cassye was known to keep more than puppies clean, too. Mom "camped out" with her and Aunt Beth for a  couple of nights and Cassye was more than happy to share her bed with Mom, so long as she cleaned Mom's face with tons of boxer-dog kisses before bedtime. When Mom returned home the next day, she was still covered in boxer spit from compassionate Cassye's kisses.

Camper Queen Cassye at Centre Hall (July 2009)

Cassye was a true champion in the ring. She even kicked my butt at ten years old in Easton, MD by participating in the Veteran's Class and bringing home a ribbon.

Cassye in the Parade of Champions at ABC (May 2003)

Party Animal Cassye at 10 years young

Thanks for all the joy you brought to so many people throughout your life. You truly were a very special boxer and will never be forgotten. My little Peanut sure has a tough act to follow, but at least she was fortunate enough to have had you as a maternal mentor the first couple years of her life.

"Momma" Cassye snuggles with AABR foster puppy

Rest in Peace, Cassye. You did a wonderful job "mothering" here on Earth. Now you can comfort all the puppies at the Rainbow Bridge who have gone before you — exhibiting all the beautiful characteristics of the angel you truly are. 


Roberto Elinan said...

A wonderful tribute to Cassye ... No doubt she was the epitomy of the sweet, loving temperament of a Boxer.
She's still there, Beth ... in your mind, with all the memories and love she gave you in her short journey through your life.

Debbie said...

cassye was a very special girl. I got to know her last year on our various trips and she was so kind to Daisy. she also had a mind of her own and made us laugh. debbie

Debbie Cronk said...

What a lovely tribute to an incredibly special boxer.

For All The Joy You've Given Me,
For The Glory Days Gone By,
My Best And Final Gift My Love,
I Grant You Wings To Fly...Isabel Gordon

Rest well dear Cassye.
~Debbie Cronk

Gail said...

Cassye left a beautiful legacy; wonderful memories and loving boxers who share her bloodline. Cassye's grandson, Pyrat (Amity Hall's Two to Tango)clearly came from wonderful stock and Pyrat's family is grateful for the chance to share in the life of this wonderful group of boxers and the people who love and raise them. Rest well, Cassye.

Melissa Casey said...

Around our house we called her "Mama". She is technically/biologically the grandmother of my girl Cha Cha but that is not the reason why we called her that. To me she just seemed like a "Mama". Cassye stayed with us when Beth was away at a show or on a trip (I can't really remember) and she expressed the same qualities mentioned in this tribute. Mama kept my boy boxer Buddy in line by letting him know when it was appropriate to play, for how long, and in what manner. I can clearly picture Buddy hopping around her barking/whining (he isn't the brightest boxer boy) all the while trying to entice her to play. She would participate in the Buddy led "rumpus time" when she felt like it but when she didn't all she had to do is look at him (like a mother does when they disapprove of what a child is doing) and he would automatically settle down. Clearly she was just teaching him the extremely important life lasting social skills only a great motherly figure would (no matter the species).

I loved her like she was my own and always will!

Barbara Colby said...

Cassye was the mother to my boxer, Timmy. He is a special boy, being the smallest of the litter, and has quite a personality as Beth will attest to. Butch and I would also watch Cassye when Beth would be at dog shows with our boxer girl, Jujube. You see Timmy missed her so much when she was away that we thought his being with his mommy would be a wonderful temporary replacement. It always was. Whenever we visit Beth, I like her to get all the dogs out so I can pet them. Cassye was always special, since she was Timmy's mom. We will miss her, but know that she had a long and happy life. Beth has a way of caring for and loving her boxers to provide them that chance. We love you Beth! Barb and Butch

Randy said...

We had the privilege of housesitting Cassye for a short period of time. Being the mother of our exuberant girl, Emma (formerly Joy), it was wonderful to care for her and to love her, and she made a special place for herself in our hearts. And our hearts go out to you in the sadness of just plain old missing her, because it is our sadness. She, herself, had a wonderful life and a peaceful passing, and we just all miss her terribly....Randy & David

headstrong said...

I am so glad that I was able to meet Cassye (and sleep with her as well!) at last year's Nationals. I am owned by 2 of her granddaughters, Tiza and Sonata. I can attest to those loving, sloppy kisses and am glad I got to take her for a quick evening walk. Rest well sweet girl.

Maggie Mae said...

Hi Newman,

My mom and me just discovered your blog today. What a wonderful tribute to your friend Cassye. I bet she was loved by a lot of people and she will be missed by many. We will stop back again for a visit soon.

Maggie Mae