Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Got an appointment?

Don't you just love doctors' offices. You make an appointment, but for what? To sit in the waiting room for dog only knows how long before they take you back to the exam room for yet more waiting. Take for instance my friend Canyon, who took her three toddlers in for their first wellness check today only to have them fall asleep in the waiting room.

Canyon's patience is tested

After the nap while waiting, Canyon knows that they won't go down for their afternoon nap and will be cranky the rest of the night. Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a parent. Not that I have to worry about any of that since M&D decided that I was not meant to procreate! Read more at "The Big Hard One."

 Priceless Puppies

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Surfin' USA

We returned safely from the Outer Barks yesterday. While leaving is always sad, we all have to come back to reality sooner or later. Somebody's gotta make the donuts (that would be Mom!). A great time was had by all. We enjoyed the opportunity to provide some lighthearted beach entertainment for all the other beach bums vacationing as well, so I thought I'd share some film footage with those of you who couldn't personally join us. Of special note, is my work towards earning the Puppy Paddler Dog Scout Badge. After viewing, I think you'll agree that perhaps this is a badge that I should reconsider working towards earning.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dawgs out muscled

Thelma Lou is still upset over the Dawgs loss to South Carolina last Saturday. I caught her on film staring out to sea pondering what coaching advice she can give to her Bully Buddy UGA for their upcoming game against No. 12 ranked Arkansas Razorbacks.

Broken-hearted Bully

Georgia mascot UGA coaching from the sidelines

I told her just to suck it up and quit acting like a Dallas Crybaby fan. We're at the beach for Dog's sake. You don't hear Roger or me crying about the Nittany Lions 24-3  loss to Alabama last week. 

Penn State Proud

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Real Magoo

"Will the real Mr. Magoo please stand up?

Magoo #1
Magoo #2
Magoo #2 is sired by Ch. CWMHAF Maestro "Dewi" out of bitch Ch. Jeagerhouse's Yama Canyon "Canyon."

Who is the real Mr. Magoo? Cast your vote now.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coppertone Lou

Coppertone Lou enjoys an ice-cold
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale after reapplying sunscreen

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Buried Alive

Camp site with dual parabolic dishes

As we bid a fond farewell to the friends we met the first week here in Corolla, we welcomed a new group of friends including our cousins, Cooter and Hannah. Since they were chased out of town by Hurricane Earl a week earlier, we decided that it was only fair to put them up for a night in our beach chalet. They managed to survive "sleeping" in one of the empty queen size beds. Although both Uncle RB and Aunt Nancy looked dog-tired when they hit the hay, the squeaking that was emanating from their bedroom leads me to believe otherwise.

Dog-tired after a day on the beach

While we had a lot of fun doing various activities, the major activity for the day was burying people and pups in the sand.

Thelma Lou poses with her new best friend Ms. Collette

Rare and deadly two-headed Sandzilla

Roger is up to his ears in sand

Idle threats issued by Monsier Roger

Uncle RB rests his Fred Flintstone foot on my fanny

Friday, September 10, 2010

An Oldie but a Goodie

One might ask how it's possible to feel crabby at the beach? I think that the following film footage, originally  shot May 31, 2009 on the sunny beaches of Corolla, NC explains it all. Having been born in Maryland, I don't know whether it's because Roger was a former resident of Maryland and exposed to crabbin' at an early age or whether he's just a natural born killer, but Roger is by far the best crabber on the beach.

FYI — No crabs or Frenchies were injured in the taping of this clip.

As a matter of fact, he was so obsessed with chasing crabs that he wouldn't pay any attention to Ms. Collette, thus knocking him down a peg on her ladder of favorite canines and moving Thelma Lou up a notch to numero uno.

Ms. Collette and Miss Thelma Lou turn heads on the beach

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday Wishes Come True

Birthday wishes do come true. We spent six, fly-free hours on the beach today under sunny skies with low humidity. While I didn't receive a babe-filled birthday cake, my two new girlfriends, Collette and Michelle, made sure to give me extra loving and someone left a birthday greeting for me written in the sand.

Message in the Sand

Happy 3rd Birthday Newman!

Since I'm watching my weight, I didn't want the traditional cake and ice cream that Mom normally serves. Instead, I chose what kind of "canned cake" that I would like for my birthday dinner. I went with Blue's Grilled Salmon. Since I am now of legal drinking age in human years, Dad and I split a six-pack of Dos Equis XX. I truly could not have asked for a better birthday.

A modest birthday celebration with siblings

Ringo rides the tide

Please allow me introduce you to my Silky Terrier beach friend, Ringo, who likes to "Ridge the Tide."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday Eve Wishes

As I mentioned before, we have met some really nice people during our travels to the Outer Barks - even without Roger wearing his Chick Magnet t-shirt he naturally draws the attention. Personally, I think that somehow those bat ears of his are synced up with the parabolic dish that Dad sinks in the sand everyday which creates the draw. Don't know for sure. Just a theory, but it does seem a little paranormal.

In any event, here's a photo of Katandy's Triple Threat with our two new favorite girlfriends -- Michelle and Collette. They even so graciously offered to puppy sit us to give M&D a romantic night out in the OBX, but Mom knows how fussy Roger can be about eating his vegetables for dinner and did not think it fair to subject them to one of his temper tantrums.

Rent-A-Family Photo

My birthday wish for tomorrow is that there will be no pesky flies to bite my three-year-old butt and that a giant  birthday cake will appear on the beach surrounded by girls. Here's to wishing!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beware of Land Sharks

For the young and innocent thinking about flashing your beautiful bod on the sunny shores of Corolla, NC within the next ten days, you might want to think twice. In addition to the rumored Great White Sharks that lurk in the Atlantic waters, a rare siting of a Land Shark trolling the beaches looking for innocent young flesh has recently been documented.

Land Shark contemplates attack on Bathing Beauty

Ever the vigilant photographer, I was fortunate to catch the predator on film and have submitted his photo to the local authorities in hopes that he can be stopped.

Land Shark feigns sleep while lurking in the sand
Land Shark makes his move

For those of you who voted to allow Thelma Lou to wear her promiscuous mini skirt, I now ask -- Should she be allowed to expose so much fur in her itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini?

Should Thelma be allowed to wear her bikini?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Life in the Outer Barks

Crashed on the couch after day one

Well, we're on day three on the OBX and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous with more predicted for the rest of the week. Even though the vacation got off to a "ruff" start with Hurricane Earl chasing vacationers out the day before our arrival, we've met a lot of really nice people and are having an awesome time.

McCool - Got Sand?

I don't know if we embarrass Roger, if he has a crush on one of the girls in the group next to us, or if he just thinks it's cool to hang out with bunch of people from DC, but he's adopted a surrogate family who he chooses to hang with most of the day.

Move your feet, lose your seat

M&D love the fact that beaches here are dog-friendly. However, one thing we've noticed is that some owners aren't as responsible and ignore cleaning up after their four-legged friends. As a Dog Scout, this doesn't sit well with me. However, it does present me with the opportunity to work on my Clean Up America II Dog Scout (DSA) badge. So far, I've collected and documented three stray piles left by irresponsible owners. I always carry at least two bags on my canine -- one for my droppings, and one to offer to someone who looks like they aren't going to clean up their friend.

Documentation for my Clean Up America II badge