Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Daddy Dawg's Day!

Our version of "Hop on Pop"

And Plop on Pop

Happy Father's Day to all you Daddy Dawgs out there. I can definitely foresee a reading of Dr. Seuss' Hop on Pop  one of our favorite books of all time. Who would have thought that the Triple Threat would ever have anything in common with former First Lady Laura Bush? But, it's true. In a 2006 Wall Street Journal article, she listed Hop on Pop as her favorite book.

Hog Heaven

In response to her dream of someday owning a Mini Cooper like her cousin, Ajax (see post "Make Believe"), Thelma Lou just received the following love note from her Bully Beau Atticus. Thought you might enjoy seeing some of the fan mail we receive on a daily basis.

Hog Dog Atticus sporting his Doggles

Thelma Lou...really? Why dream of your own Mini Cooper when you can ride bitch with me! You know dogs ride in packs! "Dogs on Hogs", baby! I'll even let you wear my "doggles".
XOXO - Atticus

Friday, June 17, 2011

Make Believe

Ajax visits Penn State Law

After seeing her big-headed cousin, Ajax, cruising around in his Mini Cooper, Thelma Lou decided that she needed a convertible coupe of her very own. Being a world-renowned fashionista, Thelma Lou spends her allowance on expanding her wardrobe, so she doesn't have the funds to spend on sports cars.

Furthermore, unlike Ajax I don't think that her feet would reach the pedals. So what's a poor girl to do? Fashion a pretend one out of a lawn chair and its cushion.

Thelma Lou in her "convertible coupe"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Post-beachtum Depression

Well, we have been home from the beach for almost a week. It seems that the Bullies are definitely suffering from Post-Beachtum Depression. All the clinical signs are there. Droopy faces. Lying around on the couch. Not wanting to get out of bed. And on and on ...

Paws-a-tively Miserable

Roger clearly misses the attention of having crowds of people paw all over him. I guess I can't really fault him. He's French after all. But the pawing that he misses most is his daily morning massages by his private masseur Monsieur Jeffrey.

Roger on the Masseuse/Dining Room Table

Thelma Lou was such a little water bug that she clearly misses that activity. After coming off the beach on the last day and having a bevy of young studs ask if they could have their picture taken with her, a little bit of stardom has gone to her head, too.

Couch Intervention Needed for Thelma Lou

I told both of them to "Lighten up, Francis. We're going back at the end of the summer for two weeks! This was just a teaser week to kick off summer — even though we really do know it's still spring.

So what does Thelma Lou do to relieve her post-beachtum depression? Like a lot of woman, she shops, of course. She said, "If we are really going back to the OBX in September, then I cannot be seen in the same bathing suits that I wore in May! I must get a special one to wear on 9-11!" Like anydog really cares. Although I am her brother, I can confidently say that the onlookers are admiring her figure and not the suit! BOL! (Bark Out Loud!)

Stars and Stripes Fur-ever

In any event, I'm just as happy as a clam to be back in good ol' Pennsyltucky. I just go with the flow — whether that means doing outdoor activities like hiking in the woods or swimming in the ocean. I'm pretty much just an all-around happy camper.

Going with the Flow

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Birth of a Beach Bully

Being a connoisseur of fine art that I am, I decided to peruse a few art galleries while vacationing in the Outer Banks. I was immediately drawn to a breathtaking piece portraying Sandro Botticelli's painting The Birth of Venus, depicting the goddess Venus emerging from the sea as a full grown woman. 

The Birth of Venus

Knowing that the original painting is held in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, I discerned that this portrait had to be a reproduction of the famed Italian's masterpiece. However, overcome by its astounding beauty, I couldn't shake the desire to have the piece for my own collection. Not wanting to have the "wool pulled over my eyes," I called a reliable art authenticator in the area who confirmed that the painting was an original and well worth the price tag that was being asked. So without batting another Boxer eye, I put a call into my broker who transferred the money to Seaside Art Gallery and I am now the proud owner of The Birth of a Beach Bully

The Birth of a Beach Bully

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life is a Beach

Still having a wonderful time in the Outer Banks. The weather has been perfect and the water has warmed up considerably making swimming a lot of fun. Thelma Lou is a little water bug. Mom thinks that one of the first Dog Scout badges that Thelma is going to work on earning upon our return to Pennsylvania is going to be the Puppy Paddler one. Dog only knows that Roger and I will probably never earn that one.

Sunbathing Beach Bully

Bully-Boxer Daisy Chain 

Practicing our Stay

And our Come!

Notice the wascally beach weasel who joined the pack. Although indigenous to the Corolla area, the beach weasel is rarely if ever seen during daylight hours. Other wildlife we've seen this week include deer, wild horses, fox, and dolphins.

Just chillin'

Pretty in Pink