Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life is a Beach

Still having a wonderful time in the Outer Banks. The weather has been perfect and the water has warmed up considerably making swimming a lot of fun. Thelma Lou is a little water bug. Mom thinks that one of the first Dog Scout badges that Thelma is going to work on earning upon our return to Pennsylvania is going to be the Puppy Paddler one. Dog only knows that Roger and I will probably never earn that one.

Sunbathing Beach Bully

Bully-Boxer Daisy Chain 

Practicing our Stay

And our Come!

Notice the wascally beach weasel who joined the pack. Although indigenous to the Corolla area, the beach weasel is rarely if ever seen during daylight hours. Other wildlife we've seen this week include deer, wild horses, fox, and dolphins.

Just chillin'

Pretty in Pink

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