Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter Blues

Sick and tired of playing second fiddle to Thelma Lou, Roger told M&D that he needed to get away from the princess for a few days. Since his traveling ability is limited by the size of his little legs ― not being able to reach the gas pedal even in a Smart Car ― his destinations were limited by the bus route. So, Roger opted to go to Winter Camp to hang out with our cousins.

Obviously, Mom's packing pattern has worn off on the Little Camper 'cuz his "overnight" bag weighed more than he did. But, who in Dog's name packed these "girly" pajamas for my French brother is what I want to know?

This little bat-piggy went to market.

This little bat-piggy brought a pig home.

This little bat-piggy had sweet dreams all the way home!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bullies with Style

Katandy's Triple Threat sends warm wishes to our brindle bully buddy Safira for a very Happy 1st Birthday!

Newman, Roger and Thelma Lou

Figuring that his sweetheart Thelma Lou might make an appearance at his sister's party, Atticus becomes impatient at the Style Station while waiting to get "buffed" up for Safira's celebration.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bee Mine

What's all the buzz about? Roger's looking for a Valentine. That's what. Earlier today I received this wonderful Valentine message from my lovely Peanut.

Dearest Newman - It is I, Peanut. I snuck on to Mom's Facebook account so I could write and tell you thank you for the very sweet Valentine's card. I was really smitten and even blushed a little when I read it! You are such a sweet boy and I am lucky to have you as my Valentine Sweetheart. Love always, Your Princess Peanut
To my Valentine to Peanut:
My Dearest Peanut - My heart – among other body parts – yearns for you. I wish we didn't live so far apart so that we could spend more time together. Know that I am thinking of you and would much rather have you draped from my arm than my little sister on her first date! I can't believe that M&D are allowing her to venture out at such an early age. Love always the one and only man of your dreams, Newman 
Big brother chaperons Thelma Lou on her first date
Is it any wonder why I had to chaperon Thelma with her looking so stunning in her black velvet, rhinestone encrusted evening gown?

It's obvious that some bunny, named Atticus, loves Thelma Lou

It goes against every stripe on my brindled body to use my blog as a hook-up service, but I do feel bad that Rog doesn't have a four-legged Valentine. So what the heck ...

Known by many as Roger "The Rock" Knowlton, this single young cream male is looking to have some fun with a SFF (Single Female Frenchie). He may be a hard body on the outside, but he is sweet as honey on the inside and is looking for a Valentine to call his own. If interested, please e-mail him at RogertheRock.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010