Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter Blues

Sick and tired of playing second fiddle to Thelma Lou, Roger told M&D that he needed to get away from the princess for a few days. Since his traveling ability is limited by the size of his little legs ― not being able to reach the gas pedal even in a Smart Car ― his destinations were limited by the bus route. So, Roger opted to go to Winter Camp to hang out with our cousins.

Obviously, Mom's packing pattern has worn off on the Little Camper 'cuz his "overnight" bag weighed more than he did. But, who in Dog's name packed these "girly" pajamas for my French brother is what I want to know?

This little bat-piggy went to market.

This little bat-piggy brought a pig home.

This little bat-piggy had sweet dreams all the way home!

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Maverick & Rommel said...

Love the jammies Roger!