Monday, November 29, 2010

Shop 'til you drop

We hope your Black Shopping experience was more eventful than ours. No early morning runs to PetSmart for any door buster specials. As a matter of fact, we spent most of the day on the couch. But Mom was pleasantly surprised to find that the check from winning the Howl-o-ween Photo Contest had arrived via snail mail, so we hit the computer for a little online Black Friday shopping.

Roger ridicules remnants of former beds

Roger contemplates the overthrow of Newman

Newman patiently awaits new bed

After checking out some of our favorite shopping spots and then comparison price shopping via Shopzilla, we ended up at Five Star Fido and purchased two new Chocolate Cuddle Soft Lounges to replace our dilapidated Fido Fleece beds. Don't worry. The bed is not made of chocolate. Mom knows that chocolate is not safe for dogs. Chocolate is the color of the beds -- at least for the time being -- until they become covered in drool and dog hair. Daddy Dawg is particularly happy about the  removable, machine-washable cover which will make his weekly house cleaning chores much easier.

New Chocolate Colored Cuddle Soft Lounge

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Poem

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump.

May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!

Squanto and Pocahontas prepare to give thanks with Captain John Smith

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Persistence Pays Off — Big Dog Time

Howl-a-lejah! Mom's persistence in dressing us in stupid costumes finally pays off — Big Dog Time! Earlier last month, Aunt Cozy sent Mom a link to a Howl-o-ween photo contest being sponsored by After having witnessed one fifi dog after another winning contest time and time again, Mom had become jaded about entering us in such popularity contests.

But she figured, what the heck. Aunt Coe took the time to send the information which took less than two minutes to complete, so why not? After completing the entry process, Mom chalked it up to two minutes of her life that she'd never get back and forgot about it. That is until Monday night when her computer chimed, indicating that a new e-mail message had arrived. Expecting nothing but an e-bill, she was greatly surprised to find out that Roger and I were the Grand Prize winners of the Big Dog Howl-o-ween Photo Contest.

What does that mean? Rog and I have a check for $500 and an e-check for $500 to coming our way. Dad said that the $500 will help offset this year's heating bills. Mom, on the other hand, has plans for a shopping spree. What a fitting birthday present for Roger who turns 4-years-old tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Little Man! We're all so very fortunate to have you in our lives. 

While tomorrow is going to be "all about Rog", Saturday marks the one-year Animal-versary of Thelma Lou becoming my little baby Bully sister. Here's to celebrating two momentous occasions in one weekend. Let's get this party started.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

K-9 Calendars Back By Popular Demand

Many of you have asked if there will be a 2011 calendar featuring Katandy's Triple Threat – Newman, Roger and Thelma Lou.

Of course! How can we stop a tradition that Beulah Ruth started?

Because of their overwhelming popularity, it has come to a point in time where I have decided to have the calendars professionally printed. Rest assured they will be of the same high quality that you have become accustomed to receiving. While there is something to be said about receiving a "homemade" calendar printed from my personal printer, the demand has reached a point where that process is no longer feasible.

The wall calendars will be printed on premium glossy 8.5x11 paper and saddle-stitched. Cost will be $15 per calendar ($17 if being shipped to you via USPS). Any proceeds made above cost will be donated to Dog Scouts of America.

If you would like to order a calendar(s), please let me know no later than November 22 in order to get them to you in plenty of time for Christmas. Please keep in mind that because Mom is having them printed professionally, we will not have the capability of last minute add-on orders. So, please make sure to order enough for friends and family. They make wonderful Christmas presents for dog lovers who have everything.

If interested, please e-mail me at with your order. For quantities of 5 or more, payment is requested at the time order is placed. Checks should be made out to Mom and mailed to: Knowlton, 1167 Centerville Road, Newville, PA 17241.

If you have never seen a Knowlton calendar, you can view copies of last year's, as well as a Best of Beulah Calendar online.

Preview of November 2011

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's official!

I am now a Dog Scout of Troop 161! Mom passed the responsible handler portion of the test on Saturday by completing the requisite "Smart End of the Leash" course. While normally I'm not one to toot my own horn, this is a huge accomplishment for Mom, my handler, and me. I now have the privilege of proudly wearing an official Dog Scout vest and scarf which Mom ordered today. Roger and Thelma are still Scouts-in-Training and are not yet entitled to that luxury. So, now the badge craze begins.

I've already started to work on the following badges:
  • Community Service
  • Clean Up America
  • PhoDOGraphy badge
  • Overnight Camping
  • Hiking
My first activity as a full-fledged Dog Scout is going to be bell-ringing for the Salvation Army. I am so excited it makes me want to go pee on a tree — only in my backyard, however, because elimination in an unseemly manner is forbidden by Dog Scouts. 

After bell-ringing, I'm thinking of maybe taking my show on the road. A trip to national Dog Scout Camp in Michigan could very well be in my future. I just happen to have access to a very sweet RV owned by Grammy Lee and Uncle Mark.

Newman's Tour Bus

I've taken the RV for a "virtual" test spin around the block already (while it was parked on risers), but that was before I earned my full Dog Scout title. I am sure that Uncle Mark will willingly hand over the keys for such an important educational trip where I will make him and Grammy Lee all the more proud!

On the Road Again

Friday, November 12, 2010

Community Outreach

Thelma Lou was not the only busy beaver this past weekend. Last Sunday, Roger logged in a few hours towards earning his Dog Scouts of America community service badge by selling Community Day Coupon Booklets at the Chambersburg area BonTon to help raise funds for Troop 161.

Roger greets BonTon customers while selling Community Day Booklets

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a booklet from us. Don't forget to use them tomorrow, November 13! Undoubtedly, the funds raised by Dog Scout Troop 161 will be put to good use -- like our recent donation of pet oxygen masks to local area fire departments.

Dr. Weeks explains the settings for pet oxygen masks

But I digress. Back to Roger's selling of coupon booklets. After an hour of moderate sales, Roger became anxious and started asking when he could go home.

One blurry-eyed, tired Pilgrim Pup

Mom told him to suck it up. He signed up for two hours of community service and by Dog he was going to fulfill his requirement. So, being a conniving little Frenchman, he decided that helping young ladies pick out sexy lingerie would be much more fun. Mom explained that time spent as a lingerie sales associate wouldn't earn him time towards his community service badge, but he didn't seem to care. Damn little Frenchman. 

Lingerie Junior Sales Associate in Training

Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy Beaver

In the aftermath of Boxer Fun Day, one might think that the activities of Katandy's Triple Threat have died down, however, the opposite is true. Yesterday, Thelma Lou made her debut as Buckley the Beaver at Children's Banking Day held at the Newville area branch ACNB Bank promoting the importance of saving money.

Thelma Lou's debut as Buckley Beaver
Buckley Beaver in her natural habitat

Buckley Beaver came out of her dam to show her true colors and seized the opportunity to share the idea of responsible dog ownership with the Lark children.

Thelma Lou promoting responsible ownership of dogs

As an older, wiser brother, I'm not sure if I should intervene or not. I've been told that Thelma Lou's popularity last Saturday at Children's Banking Day has gone to her big Bully head and she's thinking that she can overthrow the official Big Spring Bulldog mascot who was also participating in Children's Banking Day. 

We suffered a terrible defeat in last week's election. Just maybe we can vote in some-dog worthy of fulfilling a position for which she is clearly qualified. May the best dog win!
Bulldog #1: Incumbent Big Spring Bulldog Mascot

Bulldog #2: Challenger Candidate for Big Spring Bulldog Mascot

Who makes a cuter Big Spring Bulldog Mascot?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mount Insane

As many of you know, my Uncle Mike and Aunt Sherry are quite the world travelers. Again this year, they went on a one-month safari to Africa. Hunting with Bushmen is not my cup of tea, but to each his own. Rumor has it that next year they plan to follow in the footsteps of Sir George Everest, the British surveyor-general of India and first person ever to climb and record the mountain's height and location in 1865.

Experienced Sherpa Guides

Here's tipping our Chullo hats to you for trying to make the trek. You might consider taking an experienced Brushtown Area Sherpa Guide to increase your chances of success. You know where to find us. Call 1-800-RU-OUTTA-YOUR-FREAKIN-MINDS?