Friday, November 12, 2010

Community Outreach

Thelma Lou was not the only busy beaver this past weekend. Last Sunday, Roger logged in a few hours towards earning his Dog Scouts of America community service badge by selling Community Day Coupon Booklets at the Chambersburg area BonTon to help raise funds for Troop 161.

Roger greets BonTon customers while selling Community Day Booklets

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a booklet from us. Don't forget to use them tomorrow, November 13! Undoubtedly, the funds raised by Dog Scout Troop 161 will be put to good use -- like our recent donation of pet oxygen masks to local area fire departments.

Dr. Weeks explains the settings for pet oxygen masks

But I digress. Back to Roger's selling of coupon booklets. After an hour of moderate sales, Roger became anxious and started asking when he could go home.

One blurry-eyed, tired Pilgrim Pup

Mom told him to suck it up. He signed up for two hours of community service and by Dog he was going to fulfill his requirement. So, being a conniving little Frenchman, he decided that helping young ladies pick out sexy lingerie would be much more fun. Mom explained that time spent as a lingerie sales associate wouldn't earn him time towards his community service badge, but he didn't seem to care. Damn little Frenchman. 

Lingerie Junior Sales Associate in Training

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