Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy Beaver

In the aftermath of Boxer Fun Day, one might think that the activities of Katandy's Triple Threat have died down, however, the opposite is true. Yesterday, Thelma Lou made her debut as Buckley the Beaver at Children's Banking Day held at the Newville area branch ACNB Bank promoting the importance of saving money.

Thelma Lou's debut as Buckley Beaver
Buckley Beaver in her natural habitat

Buckley Beaver came out of her dam to show her true colors and seized the opportunity to share the idea of responsible dog ownership with the Lark children.

Thelma Lou promoting responsible ownership of dogs

As an older, wiser brother, I'm not sure if I should intervene or not. I've been told that Thelma Lou's popularity last Saturday at Children's Banking Day has gone to her big Bully head and she's thinking that she can overthrow the official Big Spring Bulldog mascot who was also participating in Children's Banking Day. 

We suffered a terrible defeat in last week's election. Just maybe we can vote in some-dog worthy of fulfilling a position for which she is clearly qualified. May the best dog win!
Bulldog #1: Incumbent Big Spring Bulldog Mascot

Bulldog #2: Challenger Candidate for Big Spring Bulldog Mascot

Who makes a cuter Big Spring Bulldog Mascot?

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