Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The French Patient

As many of you know, before Roger became a Knowlton pup he had a rather rocky start in life. No allusion, however, to my last post, "Roger the Rock." In the first, very formative year of his little life, he was bounced around like a basketball until he finally found his forever home as my little older brother. Dog only knows what he might have gone through, but those of you who know him − know that "something just ain't right!" 

Not wanting to put him on antidepressants like they were forced to do with Beulah Ruth, who suffered from severe separation anxiety, M&D decided that some counseling was in order. They tried sending him to winter camp with my niece and nephews, but that didn't help because Mom packed him girly pajamas and the headmaster made fun of him. Then, without considering the consequences, I added insult to injury when I posted the pictures on my blog and Facebook for the whole world to see.

While my vast clinical experience in psychology leads me to believe that it's going to take many hour-long sessions on the couch to get to the root of his problem, I hope to at least peel back the first layer relatively quickly before resorting to drugs or electro shock therapy. Although sometimes very effective, I've been on the receiving end of shock therapy as a highly trained medical clinician, and it's not a pleasant experience. So, we hope to refrain from use of such barbaric practices.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Rock

Many of you may wonder why my little brother is called Roger the Rock Knowlton. No doubt it could be because of his rock hard body, a physique he works hard at keeping by pumping iron almost everyday with Daddy Dawg. Then there are times when everything goes in one bat ear and out the other, completely ignoring every command in the English and French languages so it could be argued that he is dumb as a rock. However, for those of you who are familiar with Frenchies, know that that statement is far from true.

In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, another reason that my little brother is called Roger the Rock is because of his fondness for roosting on rocks in the backyard like the protected, but very annoying turkey buzzards that roost overhead in the trees. Could Roger possibly be one of these new so-called hybrid "breeds" − part bat, part pig, part fowl dog? Seems afoul to me. I cannot fathom that the American Kennel Club will ever acknowledge the Bat-pig-fowl-dog as a breed in my lifetime, but stranger things have happened.

Roger the Rock Knowlton

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Pawsative Experience

With the warm weather upon us, it sure feels like spring has sprung. The birds are chirping, the trees are budding, and the grass is greening. Although the Katandy Triple Threat Calendar lists March 13 as the start of spring, the average bear doesn't come out of hibernation until the official start of spring on March 20. Congratulations to those of you who found the intentional mistake! Give yourself a paw on the back.

Speaking of paws, I helped "man" our Dog Scout Troop 161 booth at PawsAbilities yesterday. PawsAbilities is a two-day community celebration of the ways dogs can brighten lives. This annual, charitable event benefits Susquehanna Service Dogs.

Newman  Scout in Training − demonstrates his commitment to always having at least two clean up bags with him. Good Boy!
Experienced Dog Scouts Rowdy and Ransom
take a break to smile for the camera 

I also spent some time speaking with volunteers at the Adopt A Boxer Rescue booth and meeting Eve, a special needs boxer who has had a "ruff" start in life, including several surgeries for ACL tears. 

Meet Eve, a special needs boxer in AABR's care

Adopt a Boxer Rescue is an all-volunteer charitable organization formed to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home unwanted and abandoned boxer dogs within the northeast United States. AABR's Mission mission includes hands-on rescue, as well as education. AABR strives to inform others about the realities of pet ownership, promote neutering, and encourage responsible care.

AABR is a collective effort of volunteers working together, pooling resources, and sharing goals. As many of you know, Roger and I have done some fundraising for this important organization in the past which included raising $1,000 to help Sassy Mae who suffered severe injuries from a dog attack last spring. Won't you please consider helping us help boxers by making a tax-deductible donation today. No gift is too small. 

Checks can be mailed to:
Adopt A Boxer Rescue
P.O. Box 423
Harrison, NY 10528

Or you can donate using PayPal
The safe and easy way!