Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The French Patient

As many of you know, before Roger became a Knowlton pup he had a rather rocky start in life. No allusion, however, to my last post, "Roger the Rock." In the first, very formative year of his little life, he was bounced around like a basketball until he finally found his forever home as my little older brother. Dog only knows what he might have gone through, but those of you who know him − know that "something just ain't right!" 

Not wanting to put him on antidepressants like they were forced to do with Beulah Ruth, who suffered from severe separation anxiety, M&D decided that some counseling was in order. They tried sending him to winter camp with my niece and nephews, but that didn't help because Mom packed him girly pajamas and the headmaster made fun of him. Then, without considering the consequences, I added insult to injury when I posted the pictures on my blog and Facebook for the whole world to see.

While my vast clinical experience in psychology leads me to believe that it's going to take many hour-long sessions on the couch to get to the root of his problem, I hope to at least peel back the first layer relatively quickly before resorting to drugs or electro shock therapy. Although sometimes very effective, I've been on the receiving end of shock therapy as a highly trained medical clinician, and it's not a pleasant experience. So, we hope to refrain from use of such barbaric practices.

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