Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday Wishes Come True

Birthday wishes do come true. We spent six, fly-free hours on the beach today under sunny skies with low humidity. While I didn't receive a babe-filled birthday cake, my two new girlfriends, Collette and Michelle, made sure to give me extra loving and someone left a birthday greeting for me written in the sand.

Message in the Sand

Happy 3rd Birthday Newman!

Since I'm watching my weight, I didn't want the traditional cake and ice cream that Mom normally serves. Instead, I chose what kind of "canned cake" that I would like for my birthday dinner. I went with Blue's Grilled Salmon. Since I am now of legal drinking age in human years, Dad and I split a six-pack of Dos Equis XX. I truly could not have asked for a better birthday.

A modest birthday celebration with siblings

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Anonymous said...

So so cute!!!!! Happy belated birthday buddy! xxxooo - Aunt Lisa