Sunday, September 19, 2010

Surfin' USA

We returned safely from the Outer Barks yesterday. While leaving is always sad, we all have to come back to reality sooner or later. Somebody's gotta make the donuts (that would be Mom!). A great time was had by all. We enjoyed the opportunity to provide some lighthearted beach entertainment for all the other beach bums vacationing as well, so I thought I'd share some film footage with those of you who couldn't personally join us. Of special note, is my work towards earning the Puppy Paddler Dog Scout Badge. After viewing, I think you'll agree that perhaps this is a badge that I should reconsider working towards earning.


Anonymous said...

Newman looks like he is a very "special" swimmer! Any Olympics in his future?

Anonymous said...

You can tell you and your brother and sister really do love the water!!! xxxooo Aunt Lisa

Anonymous said...

My boxer swims exactly the SAME! We call it the water spaz.