Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday Eve Wishes

As I mentioned before, we have met some really nice people during our travels to the Outer Barks - even without Roger wearing his Chick Magnet t-shirt he naturally draws the attention. Personally, I think that somehow those bat ears of his are synced up with the parabolic dish that Dad sinks in the sand everyday which creates the draw. Don't know for sure. Just a theory, but it does seem a little paranormal.

In any event, here's a photo of Katandy's Triple Threat with our two new favorite girlfriends -- Michelle and Collette. They even so graciously offered to puppy sit us to give M&D a romantic night out in the OBX, but Mom knows how fussy Roger can be about eating his vegetables for dinner and did not think it fair to subject them to one of his temper tantrums.

Rent-A-Family Photo

My birthday wish for tomorrow is that there will be no pesky flies to bite my three-year-old butt and that a giant  birthday cake will appear on the beach surrounded by girls. Here's to wishing!

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