Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pampered Princess

Although M&D have always wanted an English Bulldog, like any good prospective pet owners they did their research before adding Thelma Lou to the Knowlton pack. Having heard that Bulldogs are known as "walking vet bills," first and foremost was locating a reputable breeder. Since Grammy Lee happens to breed Bulldogs that task was a piece of cake.

Before deciding to bring Thelma Lou home, Mom and I spent more than an hour grilling Grammy Lee assessing whether she'd be a good fit for the family. Don't worry. We didn't actually grill Grammy Lee. Heck, she barely has enough meat on her bones to justify firing up the gas grill.

During our educational interview, we heard about allergies, tear stains, and butt wiping, but what we didn't hear about was the special assistance that Thelma would need to get up on the couch. Don't get me wrong, I love my little sister. But, I just can not believe that M&D bought a couch equipped with an elevator for the Pampered Princess!

Pampered Princess Rises to a New Level


Kristen said...

May I ask who bred Thelma? Do they have a website? "Grammy Lee" doesn't come up in any Google searches, and she's beautiful! Thanks! :)

Newman said...

Thanks. I got all three of my kids from Grammy Lee aka Lee Morris. Her kennel name is Katandy's Boxer and Bulldogs. Lee primarily breeds boxers which is how I was introduced to her when I was looking for a well-bred boxer after losing mine. She also does breed English and French Bulldogs on a limited basis.

We acquired our Frenchie, Roger, from Lee when he was returned because his current owner no longer wanted him after his kid went off to college or something. We got him as a playmate for Newman, my boxer. They are best buddies.

Having struck up a friendship with Lee, I see her several times a year and fell in love with Thelma Lou when she was 8 weeks old. I saw her again at 12 weeks old and couldn't pass her up. My husband always wanted an English Bulldog and seeing how I know Lee and how serious she takes her dogs and breeding, I felt like it was just meant to be ... so about 15 months ago I added Thelma Lou to the Knowlton Pack and Katandy's Triple Threat was born. LOL!

Here's a link to Katandy's website. Check out Ammo on the bulldog boys. He's Thelma Lou's littermate.

I'm a little biased, but I don't think that you can find a more responsible caring breeder. Lee is located in Severna Park, MD.