Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shark Attack!!!

So as not to freak out my friends and family while we were vacationing in the OBX, I waited to make this post until after our safe return.

"Shark attacks are a fairly rare occurrence. Sharks generally don't enjoy eating people, much preferring fattier nautical fare like delicious blubbery seals. Most attacks are a case of mistaken identity, occurring in low visibility situations where a shark is more likely to mistake a flailing human for a tasty sea lion. Still, attacks do happen, and when they do they're often terrifying and horrific." (Environmental

Great White Shark (Photo courtesy of iheartapple)

While not as fierce, attacks by land sharks are much more common than those by their distant cousin the Great White. As a matter of fact within the past two months, I have spotted two -- one off the coast of Corolla, NC and the other on a sandy beach on Tybee Island, GA. Cast your vote on which Land Shark you think poses the greatest threat!

Land Shark #1 on OBX

3-year old Land Shark #2 on Tybee Island

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Maggie Mae said...

Roger and the little two-legger makes da cutest land sharks I has ever seen. :)

WOofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae