Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pawsatively a great time

Well, we pawsatively had a great time at Pawsabilities 2011 last weekend! New this year, our Dog Scout Troop 161 ran the Gambler's Choice Obstacle Course which helped raise money for the Susquehanna Service Dogs (SSD). Mom and Thelma Lou "manned" our troop's booth while Roger dressed as a card shark to help draw in participants.

Stuffed Rowdy, Mom, and Thelma Lou "manning" Troop 161's Booth

Card Shark attempts to lure prey into the Gambler's Choice Obstacle Course

In addition to raising money for the SSD, Dog Scout Troop 161 helped raise awareness of responsible pet ownership, which includes cleaning up after your pets. I say, duh! But you would be surprised at how many owners don't see the need.

Paws up for my fellow Troop Member Marguerite who very politely informed an irresponsible pet owner, who clearly saw her dog urinate on the floor and planned to walk away, that she was responsible for cleaning up after him. Sure, we all get overly excited at times which sometimes includes not being able to control our bodily functions, but that's what our owners are for, right? Heck, Mom and I are well on our way to earning my Clean Up America II Scout badge for picking up after irresponsible owners. I currently have 25 documented piles to date to prove it.

Oh yeah, and Thelma Lou participated in doggy dance freestyle with Fieldwood Instructor Ms. Mary Kutulakis, founder and long-time member of Steppin' Woofs.

Last but certainly not least, we kicked dog butt in the costume contest on Saturday and brought home a big blue ribbon -- something I was never able to do in the conformation ring. Rumor has it that the Triple Threat might even become the official spokesdogs for Pawsabilities 2012. Only time will tell.

How many times are M&D going to dress us in this getup?
Thanksgiving is 8 months away!!!

Accustomed to sporting head dresses and braids adorned with feathers, Native American Squaw Thelma Lou ponders why everyone is looking at her strangely.

Squaw Thelma Lou

One thing is for sure. We were pawsatively tired when we got home.

Exhausted from a great day at Pawsabilities, Newman can only get three paws up! 

The two Bullies give eight paws up on the day's events

We can't wait until next year to support this worthy cause!

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