Thursday, February 2, 2012

Daddy Dawg Rocks

I will have to tell this story since Mom doesn't believe in posting on Facebook what a good life, we have at the Knowlton Household. Quite frankly, I cannot imagine a better one.

Anyway, Mom traveled to State College recently to interview some students at Penn State Law's University Park campus and had a productive day — learning details about the great students we have.

After coming home, getting in her jammies, she realized that she mistakenly brought home the key to the fleet car which she used in her travels. Panicked and hoping beyond all belief that the car was not reserved for the next day, she called the Law School's Director of Business Services, who informed her that the fleet car was scheduled for 7 o'clock the next morning. RATS!

Being a crazy dog mom that she is, I might also mention that she was extremely excited about the arrival of our new soft-sided crates by Premier that she purchased at for $75 a piece. What a steal! I was darn near as excited as she was, since I can actually fit in this one as opposed to the one she "picked up" from the trash at last year's ABC National Show in Kentucky and fixed.

For the love of Dog, please someone get me out of this box

As illustrated below, I can still stick my head out of the top of the convertible when it's open, but notice all the extra leg room. Heck, I can have a party in my new crib. And, as a bonus it comes with a cushioned mat, which I have been known to destroy so we'll see how long that lasts.

Size does matter. Check out the size of this crib!

My bully siblings can't stand the excitement of our new crates 

Back to my story ... Not planning to be at work the following morning at the butt crack of dawn, Mom decided that she needed to return the key to the Law School that night. At that point, Dad, Thelma Lou, Roger and I had just arrived home from delivering Meals on Wheels, but Dad insisted on driving the key back into the Law School so that Mom wouldn't have to get back in the car after having spent four hours on the road traveling.

Hats off to our Daddy Dawg. Seriously, he is the best Daddy Dawg in the world. This is after he arose at 5:30 in the morning and drove Pappy John to his radiation treatment in Hershey, then made and delivered Meals on Wheels.

My Grammy Lee has offered to place him with several homes if we ever get sick of him. Fat chance!!! Did I mention he cooks, cleans, and takes us for daily rides???

So, if you hear about any "Daddy Dawg of the Year Award" competitions out there, please let me know, because he certainly deserves a nomination.

We love you Daddy Dawg!!!


Debbe Fry said...

Three cheers for daddy dawg!

Good luck with the soft crates. Cherry's lasted about two weeks until her took her somewhere she hadn't been before and she panicked thinking we left her! We were gone for an hour to church. Oh well, we went back to the drawing board with a regular crate that afternoon.

Newman said...

If left unattended, I could see myself doing the same thing. Don't worry, we still have our metal crates by MidWest. These are our special crates to take to Dog Scout events where Mom and other Scouts are around to supervise.