Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rest and Relaxation at its Best

What do you do on the Outer Banks during a torrential down pour? I decided to answer my e-mail and read my friends' Facebook postings. Those two feats alone can kill half a day. The other half of the day Thelma Lou I and spent in bed with Mom catching up on some much needed beauty sleep. We also thought it would be nice to experience what it would feel like to not sleep on sand, so we washed our sheets.

A little siesta after taking care of electronic biz

Catching up on her Bully Beauty Sleep

Roger, on the other paw, thought that he needed a little extra pampering and decided that he would spend his allowance on a day at the spa. Seriously, I don't see how getting pawed by someone other than M or D could be so much better as to spend money on it. The only explanation that I come up with is that he's French. And, after watching Virginie Razzano of France defeat Serena Williams in the French Open, he's playing that card like he has a full house.

Lip Massage

Relaxed Roger


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