Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ghost of Marilyn Monroe Caught on Film

You must be very, very quiet when ghost hunting

Since her mysterious death, the ghost of Marilyn Monroe is known to haunt various Hollywood locations. The iconic actress, singer, and model led a troubled existence, even before fame entered her path. More than one instance of Monroe's ghost has been documented. Her untimely death on August 4, 1962 was surrounded by and scandal when she was discovered naked in her bed - an open bottle of pills at her side.  To this day, the ghost of Marilyn Monroe poses questions as to why she still roams her stomping grounds of Hollywood and other popular vacation spots like the OBX of North Carolina. 

I think I spotted Marilyn Monroe's Ghost 

I was fortunate enough to catch a siting of her ghost while hiking over the Currituck Sound and taking in the magnificent view of the Currituck Lighthouse. Being the PhoDographer that I am, thankfully, I had my Nikon strapped around my neck. 

Ghost of Marilyn Monroe in the OBX caught on film

As well as a nice shot of the Currituck Lighthouse

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