Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Puparazzi catches chilling storm on film

Although the start of yesterday promised to be an outstanding day of sun and fun at my favorite state park, the day literally went to "hail" in a handbag. At approximately 2 p.m. when the clouds started to roll in and thunder rumbled from above, Mom, Dad & I decided that it was time to beat feet and head out before getting soaked.

Ignoring the ominous black clouds to the west, we set out on Gullibles Travels and moved on to our next destination, Long Pine Dam and Lake, for some much needed swimming lessons. As we crossed from Cumberland County into Franklin County, we had quite a chilling experience when the temperature dropped from approximately 75 to 45 degrees, and we were pummeled with almost two inches of hail during the course of ten minutes.

Being the up-and-coming Puparazzo that I am, I had my trusty Jazz Elite Hi-Def video camera in my hip pocket and caught the following on film which was submitted to our local news stations. Much to my delight, I awoke this morning to find that both the ABC and NBC affiliates decided to air the photo of my Pop's paws presenting a pile of precipitation. Thank Dog he had just filed his nails.

Since the film's air this morning, the phone hasn't stopped ringing from hand modeling agencies and tabloids begging for more phenomenal photos. Although I doubt that anyone will be able to portray Pop's paws as perfectly as I, we are happily accepting offers from respectable hand modeling agents because his part-time job as Library Dawg is never gonna make us rich.

Although the award-winning weather photos are definitely a nice resume builder, I'm not sure how much more mileage I'll get out of them. My next leg of weather watchin' will take place in a couple of weeks in the Outer Barks, NC. While I hope to avoid seeing the Weather Channel's notorious storm-chasing meteorologist Jim Cantore, in the unfortunate circumstance that it were to happen, I will gladly exchange weather "tails" with him.

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