Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aw shucks!

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth. It's just that I've been busy entertaining family that was visiting from Savannah.

In any event, many of you football fans, like me, are looking forward to another season of fun-filled college football. While I will be packing on the evening of August 29 for my upcoming trip to the Outer Barks, NC, the Nittany Lions will launch the season with activities on Penn State Football Eve beginning at 6 p.m. outside Beaver Stadium. Keep in mind, it's never too early for a tailgate.

With M & D both working at Penn State, we bleed blue and white in the Knowlton household. Don't get me wrong, I know from where my meal ticket comes. But if Joe Pa and his legendary Nittany Lions can't come any closer to winning the National Championship in 2008 than they did last year, I am seriously considering "shucking" my Blue & White jersey, packing my bags, and heading west to try out for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

While many of you might find my decision to possibly leave the Lions a bit characteristic of a turncoat, I must take my talent where it leads me. With sweet corn being in season in right now, my personal trainer, Hymie the husking house husband, and I have been honing our husking skills practically every day. After all as a member of the canine species, I would only be "lion" to myself if I thought I had more innate talent impersonating a feline than being a corn husker.

Personal trainer and junior husker hone husking skills

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