Friday, July 18, 2008

The Name Game

All expectant parents are faced with the name game dilemma at some point before the arrival of their bouncing bundle of joy.

  • What are we going to name junior? Or perhaps even more contentious, will he be a junior? After all, who needs two people in the same household with the same name?

  • Will the initial letters spell out some horrible word that kids will use to torment him on the playground? Take Alex Samuel Smith, for example.

  • What would the name be spelled backwards? Case in point, Lana.

Expecting to bring home a little girl, I was supposed to be Thelma Lou. Finally, on the eve before my arrival, M & D agreed upon "Newman," derived from Old English meaning "newcomer."

With Mom being one of the biggest Seinfeld fans in the world, she finds the name doubly appropriate - especially when she catches me tramping through her flower beds, plucking whatever plant happens to tickle my fancy at the time. With nostrils flared, lip up-turned in disgust, and teeth clamped together, she mutters "Newman" just like Jerry does after he discovers that his archenemy, Newman, is responsible for something bad that happens in the show.

Enough about the history of how I got my name. What I really need your assistance with is helping my 9-week-old friend, Peanut, decide what her nickname should be. Her sophisticated name is Amity Hall’s Ticket to Vegas, but obviously that's too long for everyday purposes. Just imagine her mom calling out "Amity Hall’s Ticket to Vegas, NO!!!"

Dear Newman -

My name is Peanut. I was named Peanut 'cuz I was the runt of my litter. I was so small and cute that my mom thought Peanut was a good name for me. But now I am turning 9 weeks old and I need a big girl name. My fancy name is Amity Hall’s Ticket to Vegas. My mom has narrowed down the choices to call me either “Nevada” or “Vegas.” But, I just can’t make up my mind! What's a girl gonna do? Could you please run a poll on your blog to help me decide? Thanx a bunch, big guy!

Love - Peanut (for now)

What should my new name be?
Please cast your vote now!

(Poll located at the top right of your screen)


Anonymous said...

How about "Newman's little baby sister" for a name. She is really cute and I know Newman would love to have a little sister to get in trouble with him. Just an idea!!

Newman said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but I enjoy being top dog in the Knowlton household! And, while I love to play with other K-9 friends, I would not fancy having to share the family computer with a little sister considering the amount of time that I spend blogging and answering fan mail.

Jake said...

Newman, you da' man !!

As far as a name, I like (and voted for) "Reno". I'm a Keeshond named Jake. My Dad & I are truckers (well, my Dad is a trucker - I just ride along and have fun.)

Anyway, I've had a chance to drive through both Las Vegas and Reno. If I remember right .. (my Dad helped me with this one) ... Reno's slogan is "The Biggest Little City in the World". It sure sounds like Peanut is the "Biggest Little Boxer in the World" with a heart the size of Texas (I've been there too) and a face as beautiful as a morning sunrise in Arizona.

I vote for "Reno". But of course, I'm only only vote - and a Keeshond vote at that.

Newman said...

Hey Jake ~ Don't sell ya'self short 'cuz ya're a Keeshond, man. Unlike some elections, which I'll refrain from mentioning, every vote counts in my poll. I duzn't care whether yo's a Boxer, a Keeshond, or a Heinz '57 Mutt - provided ya doesn't portray ya'self as a new designer breed like a Pugle. BARF!

P.S. - My Pappy John is a trucker so I've been in a Big Rig, but not to transport a real load.

Anonymous said...

I personally believe that Reno is a very harsh, male sounding name and that what ever the winning name is, is SHOULDN'T be Reno.

Anonymous said...

I think RENO sounds like a fine name. Whose to SAY whether it's a MALE or FEMALE name, hell half the dog owners in RENO don't know whether THEY ARE classified as male or female. I say YOU GO GIRL WITH YOUR BIG BAD BOXER "RENO" SELF!!!

Vicky said...

I like all the choices but there is one that isn't there that I like even better. NV (as in Envy) and also the postal code for Nevada!