Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Year End Review

With all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the holiday, I've barely had time to breathe let alone blog. Although I am a “newbie” in penning these end-of-the-year newsletters, I am trying to carry on the custom of my late sister. (Dog rest her soul!)

After the passing of Beulah Ruth in February, M&D sought long and hard to find a fawn, female boxer to win over their hearts. Three days after BR’s passing, they found exactly what they were looking for — me — a flashy, brindle boy!

From the minute I met M&D, I knew I had a tough row to hoe. Sure, most parents carry at least one photo of their kid with them, but these clowns showed up for their prospective parent interview with a calendar that featured Beulah on every month of the year. Now I'm thinking, "Who are these lunatics? Sure, I would love to find a home where I would be Top Dog, but I could just as easily be content staying here with Grammy Lee and the rest of the Gang."

Having her paws full with running “All for the Pet” and showing boxers year-round, Grammy Lee decided to take a chance on the two fruitcakes who I now call Mom and Dad. So, on February 23, 2008, I officially became Newman Knowlton. Imagine the weight on my shoulders knowing that I was going to have to live my life in the shadow of this famed fawn, female boxer. I have stripes and a penis for crying out loud! Ain’t nobody, unless they are completely blind, going to mistake me for a fawn female.

So after traveling two hours from Severna Park, MD, in a Chevy S10 pickup truck lacking all the amenities of the luxurious motor home that I’d grown accustomed to traveling in, I arrived in Brushtown, PA, the place I now call home. Once I entered the house and saw the many pictures of BR having fun at the beach and tail gaiting at Penn State football games, I realized that I had hit the jackpot and life was going to be good, provided I met one condition— learning to wear ridiculous costumes and posing for a portrait to memorialize the moment.

Being that I inherited my Dad’s good looks and charismatic nature, it was suggested that I take a run at show biz before making the ultimate decision to retire a certain dangling participle that is near and dear to my heart. So besides being able to keep “my boys,” I have had the additional bonus of getting to “hang out” with Grammy Lee and the Gang on the show circuit. Although I’ve yet to garner a point, I’m keeping my head high because I’m still a baby.

Speaking of babies, one August afternoon after a show, Grammy Lee mentioned that she needed to find a home for a French Bulldog. On the ride home, Dad asked me if I wanted a little, older brother to which I replied, “Roger that!”

So the next day, just as quickly as I had become a Knowlton pup, so did Roger. Since the addition of the little Frenchman, we’ve all been brushing up on our French to make him feel at home. Dad’s favorite phrase is “Excuse moi, Monsieur Roger, where in the #@%# do you think you’re going? Venez, non!” English interpretation — get those short, stubby legs moving now!

Knowing that I had mighty big shoes to fill, I realized that I had to do something “new” in hopes of generating my own fan club. So, being the computer savvy pup that I am, I created this blog to chronicle my adventures and share with the world. Since its inception in March, I’ve have 4,314 hits from 33 different countries.

Happy Howl-i-days and best wishes for the New Year!

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Bella the Boxer said...


Silly costumes and a bit of the "parlez vous francais" seem like small prices to pay for such a SWELL abode!! Hope you had a good holiday.

xoxo - Bella