Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Revenge of Tuffzilla

While Roger and I thought we had rid Brushtown of Tuffzilla, undoubtedly it was Tuffzilla who had the last laugh as he continued to fight back from the bowels of a garbage truck, as well as Roger. Much to our surprise, the resilient reptile lived up to his name and continued to wage war on the Knowlton household while being transported to some distant landfill.

Although the battle was short-lived, it will definitely go down in the "anals" of history. What started out as an ordinary doody call in the backyard turned into a potentially life-threatening situation.

After several minutes of running around trying to free himself from the writhing remnants hanging from his back end, it was obvious that Roger was not going to be able to pass the indigestible innards of Tuffzilla on his own. So, after tackling the little, bat-eared bully, Dr. Daddy Dawg stepped in and performed a highly sophisticated field operation to extract a 6-inch portion of emanating entrails, saving Roger from Tuffzilla's claws of death.

I admit that the consumption of foreign materials is no laughing matter. However, I chose to blog about the crappy situation with which Dad was faced to educate my readers about the serious and potentially life-threatening consequences of doing so.

Often while chewing on toys, dogs may unintentionally or, as is the case with Roger, intentionally ingest some or all of the material. Although some smaller foreign bodies can pass through the gut without causing a problem, larger pieces can result in serious gastrointestinal complications. Signs of gastrointestinal upset include not eating, vomiting, drooling, or abnormal bowel movements. If you suspect that your dog may have ingested a foreign object or that he is suffering from gastrointestinal upset, contact your veterinarian immediately.

The best way to keep your K-9 companion from ingesting foreign bodies is to prevent access to objects that could be swallowed. At first blush, this task appears simple, unless, of course, you have a ravenous bat-i-mus pig-a-mus as a little brother! Translation: A voracious little bat-pig who tries to consume anything dogly possible.
Honestly, M&D are constantly saying, "Roger, drop it!" Heck, I was beginning to think that "Roger Drop it Knowlton" was his AKC registered name. Not quite as eloquent as Katandy's Calypso Moon Newman, but it does have a certain ring.


Anonymous said...

You have really outdone yourself on this blog!

xxxooo Aunt Lisa

Frenchie Maintenance Supervisor said...

Came across your site today and am really enjoying it. And very glad things worked out in the "end" for Roger.

Here's our blog entry about our Frenchie who, unfortunately, didn't make the cut for a field medic intervention. But no fear, it has a happy ending.