Friday, January 30, 2009

The Abominable Snowmen

Roger and I awoke to a wonderful surprise yesterday. School was closed due to the inclement weather. Since we are home schooled, you're probably thinking, "Big deal," right? Well, it wasn't just any school that closed. It was the Law School which meant that Mom got to stay home and we got a "get out of jail free" pass.

So, instead of spending eight hours in a 4x4 cell, Roger and I helped Mom build a snowman. While I am no Michelangelo, I was rather pleased with our frosty friend's lifelike appearance considering that Roger has the creativity of a log, which is about the only thing he's capable of sculpting.


Anonymous said...

You boys are adorable and getting bigger every day! Be good!

Aunt Lisa

Bella the Boxer said...

Wow, that's the cutest snowman ever...and you guys are sporting some really cool winter-weather gear!!

xoxo - Bella