Sunday, November 22, 2009

Introducing Katandy's Lil Angel Thelma Lou

Well, Roger's Birthday Bash planned for Friday night was a bust, because the donor of said bash was "under the weather." We thought it best to postpone the event so that the donor/guest, who's footing the bill, would be able to attend.

After all, a date of birth is just that. Heck, I just celebrated my 2nd birthday (again) yesterday with two of my sisters, Punchy and Juniper. We had a blast! So much so I realized that what we were missing at home was a little sister!

I mean, M&D got me the best present in the world Roger. So why not return the favor? It wasn't until we visited Grammy Lee that it hit me like a ton of bricks that what Roger needed for his birthday was a little bully sister to help deflect some of the daily, ankle-biting abuse off me.

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce  Miss Thelma Lou Knowlton


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Roger! What a birthday surprise. Did anyone know this was coming? Your Mommy sure kept it a secret... :-)

Anonymous said...


You come live with your Aunt and Cousins if you aren't getting enough attention at your house. You will get lots of attention from Ally, Josh, Caleb and Zach.

Maverick & Rommel said...

What an adorable little sister....congratulations!! She is a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my new little niece!!! You are just adorable and I'll see you on Dec. 4, if not before! I hope your big brothers are both nice to you!

Aunt Lisa