Sunday, November 29, 2009

True Confessions

So it's been one week since the addition of my little sister Thelma Lou. I must confess that Roger wasn't nearly as pleased with his birthday present as I thought he would be. Fearing that he might be starting to slip into clinical depression, Mom decided it best to nip the problem in the bud and sent him to a specialist who deals solely in sibling rivalry and jealousy issues.

After spending day one on the couch with world-renowned K-9 therapist Dr. Burt Medicine Woman, we thought we started to make some headway. Upon peeling back the first layer of the onion, Dr. Burt determined that Roger's biggest issue is sharing − specifically sharing Dad and me with another female in the house. Obviously, he was never exposed as a pup to the big purple dinosaur Barney, who preaches "Sharing is Caring!"

After spending day two on Dr. Burt's couch with learned assistant Joshua T-bone, even more progress was made on getting to the root cause of Roger's problem. It seems that the real underlying problem is his confusion about having been forced to become a Dallas Cowboys fan when he lives in the heart of Pennsylvania, so he decided to take a stand and picked the Pittsburgh Steelers as his team to cheer on. Rumor has is that Roger "the Rock" Rog-lisberger is going to be starting in this week's lineup. Go Steelers!!!


Anonymous said...

I always knew that Roger was the smart male in the house!

Anonymous said...

Precious, precious, precious!!!!

Love that little Steeler's shirt on my boy!!!

xxx ooo
"Ant" lisa