Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bell-ringing has gone to the dogs

Every holiday season, Salvation Army bell ringers set up red kettles on street corners and in malls across the country to raise money for causes that include disaster relief, soup kitchens, drug and alcohol counseling and homeless shelters. In addition to using bell-ringing to attract the attention of passersby, some volunteers sing Christmas carols or play musical instruments to help the cause.

What’s better than a song and a dance to get someone’s attention? Having man’s best friend do the job! Every year, Dog Scouts all over the country participate in bell ringing. That’s exactly what Dog Scout Troop 161 did again this holiday season – for the third consecutive year.

Dog Scout Rowdy demonstrates his bell-ringing skills
(Notice all his badges!)

Mom and Roger helped sweeten the pot while Roger worked on logging hours toward his Dog Scout community service badge. One might ask why Mom took Roger instead of me. Well, as you can see from the following photo, Rog slipped back into a state of depression after remembering that he is no longer the only cute, short, stubby unit in the Knowlton house.

Roger wallows in his sorrow hugging his heating pad to warm his heart

In both 2007 and 2008, Dog Scout Troop 161 raised more than $300 for the Salvation Army. Even with the floundering economy, Troop 161 set a goal to raise even more funds while promoting responsible dog ownership. And, that's exactly what they did. Having set a new Troop record, they brought in more than $500!

Gabe takes a break from ringing
to audition for a part as a Keebler Elf

Centered in Carlisle, PA, Troop 161 is a local troop of Dog Scouts of America, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The mission of Dog Scouts of America is to promote responsible dog ownership and enhance the human/canine bond through positive training and relationship building activities. Believe you me, I have to keep a close eye on M&D about adhering to the responsible pet ownership pledge.

Roger's cousins stop by to show their support

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