Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Mom, my editor in chief, has been busier than a one-armed paper hanger  especially after the snow fairies dumped more than a foot of snow on us this past weekend. Although we were prepared like good Dog Scouts should be, luckily we didn't lose power like some of my less fortunate friends.

I would like to take this opportunity to share some pictures sent to me from a few of my faithful fans. And, I hope you stay with me until the end where M&D provide some raw film footage of what it's like to live in the hills of Hooterville, Pennsylvania.

Veteran snow pup Cassye Downey advises her young rookie
granddaughter Peanut to assess the situation before venturing out

Veteran Cassye says, "That will be enough lip out of you, CJ!
Take this right hook and then think about it."

Dewi and Tori wonder where all the white stuff came from?

Are those icicles forming on my sister Juniper's lips?

Holy cow! Is that Santa Paws himself?

Brrrr! Punchy tries to stay warm after Blizzard 2009 knocks out heating source to her house

Roger contemplates his dinner options 
Dry tasteless crunchies or young tender flesh?

No! Not an innocent baby walrus pup!

Clarice Thelma attempts to avoid capture from Dr. Hannibal Snowball

And now, the Three Stooges present 
Hopping in a Winter Wonderland!

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Anonymous said...

By the way, with dogs they are SLOBBERCICLES! Not icicles.