Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hellfire and Dalmatians

Although there are no Dalmatians in our pack, I found this cartoon especially appropriate after the hail storm that we endured last Friday.

Being that I survived a severe hail storm earlier in my life, I could tell when "all hell was going to break loose!" Coverage of my first storm can be seen at Puparazzi catches chilling storm on film.

As you can see from the video, Roger and I are seasoned storm watchers — a trait we inherited from both our Dad, who loves to sit on the front porch and watch thunderstorms roll in, and our Mom, who loves to track blizzards hoping for a day off work. At the end of August, we also start watching any hurricanes developing in the Atlantic that could impact our annual two-week trek to the OBX.

Besides this hail storm and a relatively harmless blizzard this past winter, Thelma Lou is oblivious to the perils of drastic weather. Mom is hoping that her meteorologist friend might be able to take Thelma under his wing and shed some light on the importance of being aware of severe weather. After all, he has studied weather all over the world, including Antarctica. That must have really been hard! Another freakin' freezin' cold day out there. Be sure to bundle up.

While predicting weather may not be an exact science, you'd think that they could pinpoint their predictions a little better than — 50% chance of rain — 50% chance of no rain. To think that these fortune-telling scientists get paid for their predictions baffles my mind.

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