Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Twelve Days of Destitution (Part II)

Well, we're on Day 11 of the Twelve Days of Destitution here in the Knowlton household. My little beach bum brother returned home safely last Saturday via the local Brushtown Area Transit System (BATS) − aka Uncle Mike and Aunt Sherry's Lexus.

We are all anxiously awaiting Daddy Dawg's return tomorrow. As indicated in my prior post, Mom blew her $12 food allowance on us in under 8 hours of Dad's departure, so she raided our piggy bank for change and has been eating Ramen noodles ever since. At 28 cents per cup at Wal-mart, she was able to purchase 42 cups of various flavors − having one for lunch and two for dinner each day. That left 6 cups with which to play "Bowling for Noodles," a fun new game that we created using our new chicken-shaped Nylabone to knock over the most cups.

Bowling for Noodles Equipment

Kids on the bus have started calling us the Ramen Noodle Gang. Rog and I think it's cool to be referred to as a gang even though we'd rather be called Katandy's Triple Threat. Quite frankly, the insults don't bother us, but Thelma Lou is a little embarrassed. She may be all bully on the outside, but she's all girl on the inside. One of the most important lessons that Dad has taught us is how sensitive girls can be − especially during certain times of the month.

Brushtown Bully sports designer East Side Collection apparel 

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