Wednesday, April 27, 2011

News Flash: Triple Threat is Top of the Royal Wedding Invitation List

K-9s Dressed to the Nines to attend Royal Wedding

It's old news that the names of U.S. President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy did not find a place in the official guest list of nearly 1,900 for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The reason given by a spokesdog for the British Royal Family is that only the crowned heads of state are invited.

Among the invites are soccer star David Beckham and wife Victoria, musician Sir Elton John, and director Guy Ritchie. The screen stars on the coveted invitation list include soul singer Joss Stone and Rowan Atkinson, the man who portrays Mr. Bean. While the inclusion of these invitees may have surprised some, a bigger surprise yet was the exclusion of Katandy's Triple Threat!

Although not on the official list released to the media, Katandy's Triple Threat will indeed be in attendance as guests of Queen Elizabeth herself. Until now, the announcement of the Triple Threat's appearance at Barkingham Palace has been kept under wraps because of the astronomical crowd that the trio will undoubtedly draw.

"We really wanted to keep the appearance of the Triple Threat a secret until the actual day of the event for fear that the Royal Military might not be able to safely guard the palace," said the Queen. "However, a leak to the Puparazzi resulted in a photo of the Triple Threat on the front lawn of the Palace ending up on the front page of The Times."

Green Dewclaw Advice Sought

With my upcoming trip to the American Boxer Club National Specialty in Kentucky, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to squeeze in the trip abroad to attend the wedding. However, as word of the luscious gardens that I maintain at the Brushtown Aboretum has spread across the Atlantic, Mark Lane, Gardens Manager at Barkingham, personally requested my presence to insure that the condition of the gardens are fit for a future king.

"I am extremely grateful that Newman has agreed to arrive at the Palace a few days early to make sure that the gardens are set for the wedding," said Lane. "It really helps ease my mind. Having Newman here to consult with is like having the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders!"

While only a few lucky ones will get a ringside view of the wedding, I am delighted that Monsieur Roger, Lady Thelma Lou, and I will be among them. Although I must admit, I am more excited about attending my first ever ABC National Show the following week.

"Although the media has speculated on the style and designer of Kate's gown, thankfully that information has not been divulged because it symbolizes her personality, her style, and the kind of queen she may one day become," the Queen said.

For Kate's sake, I hope that information can continue to be kept a secret until the big day. However, Lady Lou did receive a phone call last evening from E! requesting an interview about her take on the subject. Could the designer of Thelma Lou's black velvet dress be one and the same? Time will tell when that information is unveiled.


Wanda said...

This is so funny. Thanks for sharing. I hope to see more photos and fashion from Triple Threat on the spectacular Royal Wedding Day! You all look grand in your wedding attire! :-))

Beth Downey said...

OMG Newman!!! You keep me smiling every time a new blog comes out!! LOVED this one especially!! Peanut says you are hot to trot in that tux and she can't wait to see you in KY at the Nationals if she can wait that long! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Take your aunt with you! Her tired ol' ass needs a day off work anyhow! xxx ooo

AJAX said...

I am somewhat miffed that William and Kate would ignore the ENGLISH Mastiff in the family. Seeing, however, that Thelma is an ENGLISH Bulldog and included in the Triple Threat's invitation, I am somewhat mollified. Please bring me home a piece of that Wedding Fruitcake!

Anonymous said...

I would be afraid these three would draw more attention than the princess to be! Especially Thelma Lou in her grand attire! ~ Atticus