Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Backyard Brushtown Bullies

Although having been reared as huge Philadelphia Flyers hockey fans, the Backyard Brushtown Bullies are in no way affiliated with the legendary Broad Street Bullies, who in 1972-73 shed the mediocre expansion team label and became known as the intimidating Broad Street Bullies. The nickname was coined by Jack Chevalier and Pete Cafone of the Philadelphia Bulletin on January 3, 1973 after a 3 to 1 brawling victory over the Atlanta Flames.

"The image of the fightin' Flyers spread gradually around the NHL, and people are dreaming up wild nicknames. They're the Mean Machine, the Bullies of Broad Street and Freddy's Philistines," wrote Chevalier in his reporting of the game. Cafone wrote the accompanying headline, "Broad Street Bullies Muscle Atlanta."

Note: No Bullies or Boxers were injured in the — although I can't speak for the hostas.

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