Sunday, July 24, 2011

DSA Sanctioned IMPROV Trial

Looking to try something new with your K-9 companion? Join us on August 13-14 for the first ever Dog Scouts of America sanctioned IMPROV trial at Dandy Dog Training in Newville, PA, sponsored by my Troop 161. You do not have to be a Dog Scout to compete. However,all dogs must have DSA Competition Registration Numbers (CRNs) prior to event registration. Registration deadline has been extended to Saturday, July 30 (see details below).

Created in the 1970s by Lonnie Olson, IMPROV stands for Impromptu Multifarious Performance Requiring Obedience and Versatility. In short, it is a different kind of obedience competition, which puts the emphasis on a dog's ability to perform cues as asked.

IMPROV tests how ready dogs are to be useful in real life. There is no standard course or judging format. However, it does have standard categories of exercises like retrieving and touching strange objects that would be found lying around your house. Each time you go into a ring, you are required to do a different set of exercises. This is what makes IMPROV more fun and challenging than standard obedience, because you never know what you will be asked to do. For more detailed information on the rules, download a copy of the IMPROV rule book from the Dogs Scouts website.

Mom has registered me in the novice category and I hope not to embarrass us too much. Really, the whole point is to have fun and for Mom to use her brain to get me to complete new tasks by using skills that I already know. So, basically she needs to “think outside the Milk-bone box!”

Even if you don't plan to enter, come show your support for this relatively new sport and learn what it's all about. It's entertaining for participants and spectators alike. Plus, we are going to have some really nice raffle baskets that you can enter to win. Believe me, I know. Mom is the Volunteer Coordinator and has been busy collecting all kinds of cool K-9 commodities, including interactive games, tasty treats, as well as grooming and first-aid supplies.

IMPROV Trial Premium List
Date: Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14
Trial Schedule:   (tentative)
Saturday – Trial 1: Novice and Standard; Trial 2: Novice and Standard
Sunday – Trial 3: Novice and Standard; Trial 4: Novice only
Competition starts at 8 a.m. both days. The second trial will not begin before 11 a.m.
Location: Dandy Dog Training, 72 Lonesome Road, Newville, PA 17241
Details:  Entries will be $25 per run. Dogs must have DSA Competition Registration Numbers (CRNs) prior to event registration. Revised closing date for entries is July 30, 2011. Facility is indoors and climate-controlled. For additional information, contact Troop 161 Scoutmaster Ann Withun.

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