Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shark sighting prompts response by U.S. Coast Guard

Land Sharks sighted on Corolla Beaches

After two species of land sharks were believed to be sighted on the beaches of the Outer Banks, the U.S. Coast Guard at Corolla, NC, was called in to confirm the tip.

U.S. Coast Guard patrolling the beaches in Corolla

The call came in from an anonymous sunbather who reported that the sharks, one an English Bull and the other a French Bull Shark, were spotted on the beaches of Corolla at approximately 5 p.m.

Anonymous Sunbather

"In all my years of living on the OBX, I'm not aware that a simultaneous sighting of both types of land sharks has ever occurred. It's exciting yet unsettling at the same time," said neighborhood watchdog Frank Vocci who was walking his pugs, Greycie and Ollie, at the time.

Neighborhood Watchdogs

Frank's wife Julie is thankful that she didn't have her grandson Dominic with her. "If it weren't for the recent birth of our second grandson, Jax, Dominic would have been with us. Like most curious little boys, naturally Dominic would have been drawn to them, Julie said. While neither the English nor the French Bull Shark is known to be aggressive, they can attack if provoked something that Julie said she'd rather not witness.

Coast Guard on High Alert

With the arrival of the Coast Guard, the beaches in Corolla are open today. Howl-ever, you may want to think twice before catching some rays and z's at the same time.

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