Friday, April 4, 2014

Me, my selfie and I

I'm not sure what all the buzz is about selfies and posting them to Facebook. The selfie has been around for centuries. Typically taken at arm's length (or in a mirror) with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone, the selfie usually includes only the photographer often making duck face or peace sign.

In 1839 American pioneer in photography Robert Cornelius produced the first photographic image of a human being — a head and shoulder portrait of himself — or a selfie.

Robert Cornelius

Maybe my lack of interest is because Mom goes crazy taking pictures of Roger, Thelma Lou and me, so we see enough of ourselves. In any event, I thought I'd give this selfie phenomena a try. I'm going to let the Facebook "like" button at the bottom of this post be my gauge as to whether I should try to perfect my self portrait taking skills or just stick with Mom taking photos of me.

Ears lookin' at ya

Lip Face

 Eye see you!

Say Ah!

Me, my selfie, and I

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