Monday, June 9, 2008

The Agony of Defeat

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool that allows me to track the traffic of my many faithful followers. After returning home from a disappointing weekend on the road, the results of Google's tracking tool helped lift my spirits a little when I pleasantly discovered that I have a faction of fans located in Spain. Bienvenido, amigos!

Three major upsets occurred in the wide world of sports this weekend during the sweltering heat. The most incredulous loss occurred during my second appearance in the ring at an AKC sanctioned match sponsored by the Mid Susquehanna Valley Kennel Club held in Middleburg, PA. With temperatures climbing well above 100 degrees, all participants both two- and four-legged endured grueling conditions.

Heat aside, my trainers (M & D) are still baffled by the outcome. Even Las Vegas odds makers are still shaking their heads. After an amazing sweep taking Best in Breed where I kicked my own butt (as the only Boxer entry), I placed a lousy three out of three in the Working Class.

Speaking of matches, the next memorable defeat took place on the clay courts at Roland Garros. OUCH!!! What a spanking Roger Federer took from Spain's clay-court king, Raphael Nadal, in the men's final at the French Open. Felicitaciones, Raffy!

Finally, paling in comparison to my let down in Middleburg, the last major newsworthy upset in sports involved Big Brown's bust at Belmont. Horse racing fans across the world are still stunned by Big Brown's last place finish in his quest to become the first Triple Crown winner in 30 years.

I urge you to voice your opinion in my poll as to whose loss was the most devastating.

In loving memory of Beulah Ruth Ellen
August 2, 1998 ~ February 19, 2008
Newman's late sister legendary tennis star Roofie-al Nadal wins her 8th straight Outer Barks Open title on sand

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