Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Show biz can really blow

Although Mom never officially entered the teaching field after she earned her B.S. degree in English education from Shippensburg University in 1993, it's obvious that her desire to impart others with knowledge of the English language still runs through her veins.

Whether it's because we are still new to the show circuit or that Mom's just learning the lingo, she inevitably feels the need to wrap up a session in the ring with a vocabulary lesson. Because I know that many of you are also green when it comes to ring lingo, I have decided to share my new-found knowlege with you - which, by the way, is no relative of the Newfoundland, another AKC recognized breed in the Working Class.

Ring Lingo 101: Newman's New-found Knowledge

1. Blowing a coat - shedding excessively.

Very similar to the term "blowing money" - aka spending excessively or breaking the bank - which Mom has been known to do on a regular basis.

No relation to the slang term "blow this joint" - meaning to make a quick exit.

Grammy Lee buffs up Newman for the ring

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