Tuesday, September 9, 2008

They say it's your birthday. It's my birthday too, yeah!

After spending the afternoon lounging by the pool, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my little older brother Roger had been planning a small birthday celebration in honor of my first birthday. Thanks, Rog. You did a bang up job. The Scooby Doo party hats were definitely a nice touch as indicated by the look on Mom's face. Perhaps that's why Dad offered to serve as cameraman for a change.

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish my litter mates, Punchy, Jessie, Juniper, and Marla, a Happy Birthday, too! As you can see, Punchy partied 'til she was pooped.

And Juni, enjoyed her cake after a romp on the beach with her best friend, Nola.

.S. - Jess and Marla - If either of you girls follow my blog, I'd love to see some updated pictures of you. Please send them to Newmanontheblock@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to my #1 nephew!!!


Aunt Lisa

emcentar said...

Will do! Pictures of Juniper at her birthday party will be forthcoming!