Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to camp we go!

Even with our return from the OBX, Roger and I still have a fun-filled summer lined up. Today M&D are shipping us off to summer camp. Although we've been to day camp several times, we've never spent an entire week at camp so we're not exactly sure what to expect.

I'm sure that there will be the mandatory team building exercises. However, Roger and I are confident that Camp Director Kelly will incorporate fun activities like laser tag into the mix as opposed to the regular boring icebreakers like the Name Game where you are asked to come up with an adjective starting with the same first letter your name. Then you go around the room and each person must share them with the rest of the group. B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

One thing's for sure. We won't be bored. Since cousin Caleb asked that we bring an indestructible ball (he's tired of me killing his soccer balls), we figure that a game of soccer is definitely in order. And, as much as we loved being models for cousin Ally's fashion show during "Prickly Pear's Got Talent," we're really hoping that Mom packs us some more masculine clothing, like our Penn State jerseys, because we don't really like being dressed in drag.

In any event, computer accessibility at Camp Kelly is very limited so blog postings will be suspended for a week, or so. So, if you're missing my witty notes of wisdom, know that I am fine in my Aunt Kelly's confine!

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Anonymous said...

You and your brother look adorable! Your cousin is a little cutey pie too!

Aunt Lisa