Friday, September 11, 2009


As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Roger and I both have been very busy beavers as of late. We have several Dog Scout and Potomac Boxer Club activities coming up within the next several weeks, including making a guest appearance at the American Boxer Club 2009 Mid-Atlantic Regional being held in Frederick, MD from October 5-9. On October 8, Roger, my wannabe boxer brother, and I will be spokesdogs for PBC, promoting the importance of responsible breeding and pet ownership. We hope to see you there.

With my upcoming busy social schedule, I planned to use some of my vacation to catch up on blogging to keep my readers entertained. If there's one noun in the English language that I don't want to be known as, it's a slacker. Unfortunately, the screen on Mom's laptop died and it's now referred to as her crap-top.

Although I might have felt a tinge of guilt for not making a post in more than two weeks, I could have dealt with it. Roger, on the other paw, was having a fit because he couldn't update his Facebook status.

NEWS FLASH -- Boo freakin' hoo, Roger! Nobody really cares that you are sitting on the couch in a beach house on the OBX watching the U.S. Open because it's pouring outside.

In any event to appease the spoiled little brat, M&D traveled 150 miles and spent more than two hours in the truck to buy a cable to hook Mom's crap-top up to the 42" flat screen TV so that Roger had access to the Internet, which also gave me access to blog and allowed me to keep my faithful fans entertained.

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