Friday, July 30, 2010

Camp Nita Nee

Last weekend Mom and I attended the Nita Nee Kennel Club Dog Show in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania -- about 9 miles south of State College -- home of JoPa's Nittany Lions Football team. GO LIONS!

Peanut chilling before entering the ring

My girlfriend Peanut, Amity Hall's Ticket to Vegas, was showing in the conformation ring so we went to cheer her on and hang out with other boxer enthusiasts. While I am a tad bit biased, I do feel that she was robbed in the ring. However, Daisy, another boxer who we were hanging with, did finish her championship which was cause to celebrate.

New Champion Raypat's First Love ~ "Daisy"

Never one to disappoint, Peanut was wearing an especially aromatic fragrance from her latest line -- Positively Pleasing Perfumes by Peanut.

Peanut's "Seasonal Clock" is ticking

Completely overcome by the endorphins, she had me wrapped around her little cute stub from the minute I laid eyes on her. So like Romeo and Juliet, we made plans to rendezvous secretly after our moms had passed out from doing lemon shooters.

Newman and Peanut plan their rendezvous

Unfortunately, instead of getting stupid, they just sat around and chewed the fat like usual so we didn't really have an opportunity to escape. Even if we had planned a midnight get-a-way, it would have probably backfired since Auntie Beth came out at 3 a.m. asking if we wanted to abandon our perfectly anchored Coleman tent to sleep in her camper because a severe storm was stirring. While it was very thoughtful of Aunt Beth to be concerned with our safety, I think she was really testing my emotional strength -- knowing that I would not be able to keep my paws off Peanut under cover of darkness in the camper.

Needless to say, Mom and I weathered the storm just perfectly in our tent. Unscathed, we bid a fond farewell to Centre Hall Grange Fairground on Saturday afternoon.

Newman says goodbye to Centre Hall

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Beth Downey said...

Enjoyed your Nita Nee post Newmie and Peanut says she misses you. Sigh....