Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Bullies

Today my little bully sister Thelma Lou turned 1 year old.While Roger and I have a more fun-filled event planned for July 30, we did, of course, have a modest family celebration with bone-shaped pumpkin cupcakes. 

Bully's First Birthday

Thelma Lou gives the pumpkin cupcake two paws up!

Roger and I pretend to enjoy the party!

Mom and Dad also allowed her to open one present which was an officially licensed collegiate Georgia Bulldogs jersey. Can I hear you say, "Goooo Dawgs. Sic 'em. Woof! Woof! Woof!

And, instead of Pin the Tail on the Bullies, we played Bobbin' for RedBarn. As this video illustrates, Roger is a natural.

Thelma Lou shares her birthday with several other celebrities, including:
  • 2009 - Ammo Morris, born in Severna Park, MD, bulldog and comedian
  • 2009 - Bella Paycana, born in Severna Park, MD, bulldog and comedian
  • 2009 - Floyd Pecci, born in Severna Park, MD, bulldog and comedian
  • 1991 - Cierra Nicole Shope, born in Carlisle, PA, niece to Thelma Lou and student, Kennesaw State University
  • 1954 - Ricky Skaggs, born in Cordell, Kentucky, country singer
  • 1921 - John Glenn, born in Cambridge, Ohio, astronaut 
  • 1918 - Nelson Mandela, born in South Africa, President of South Africa
  • 1913 - Red Skelton, born in Vincennes, Indiana, comedian, Red Skelton Show

Ammo demands real cake

Bella questions where her real presents are

Floyd questions where his cake is

While we're on the subject of trivia, do you know what 1960s American sitcom had characters named Floyd and Thelma Lou in its cast? 

Floyd Lawson or "Floyd the Barber," as he was commonly known, was a slow-paced, somewhat absent-minded barber in the fictional town of Mayberry, North Carolina. 

Thelma Lou is the girlfriend of Mayberry's Deputy Sheriff. Besides her sweet-natured, caring personality, little else is known about Thelma Lou, including her last name and occupation.

What was the name of the sitcom? And who is Thelma Lou's boyfriend? Submit your answers in the comments section below. We always love to hear from our readers.

As this heart-warming photo depicts, Thelma Lou is certainly a very fitting name for my little sister who looked after all her siblings while they were sleeping -- even if it was because she was the last little piggy to leave the trough.


Anonymous said...

The Andy Griffith Show, and Thelma Lou was Deputy Barney Fife's sweetie.

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Frenchie Maintenance Supervisor said...

Happy birthday Thelma Lou. Hope your pumpkin cupcake wishes came true!