Thursday, January 20, 2011

Give the Gift of Life

Ve vant your blood

Ever stop to think about your community blood supply? Probably not, but you should, because most communities across the United States are in short supply.

January is National Blood Donor Month. While blood shortages come and go all year long, blood centers struggle to meet the demands of hospitals in January for various reasons, like flu season, busy holiday schedules, etc.

The good news is you can help by giving a pint of life-saving blood. Contact your local area American Red Cross or blood bank to find out where to donate in your area. Don’t just think about it, give it a try.

As a recent member of the 3-Gallon Club, Mom can verify that it's a painless yet very rewarding experience. After every donation, she is entitled to unlimited treats, like Lorna Doone and Fig Newton cookies for being a good girl.

Unfortunately, there are no Dog Blood Banks near me, or I'd be right beside my good boxer buddies CJ and Wyatt, who have saved numerous lives by donating blood. Thank you, CJ and Wyatt, for your devoted service to dogkind. You're the best!

GCh. Amity Hall's All About Me, RN ~ CJ
Wyatt and his mom, Dr. Jackie

For those of you wondering what the prefixes and suffixes mean in CJ's registered name, I'll gladly tell ya! 

GCh. stands for Grand Champion and completion of the title requires the following:
  • Twenty-five Grand Championship Points
  • Three majors won under three different AKC judges
  • At least one point won under a fourth AKC judge
  • Must have defeated at least one other AKC Champion of Record at three shows.
RN does not stand for registered nurse, but rather Rally Novice. The letters RN may be added after a dog's name when it has been certified by two different judges to have received qualifying score in Novice classes at three licensed or member rally trials. 

Stay tuned for more information on titles when I explain the meaning of the abbreviations  DSA and CGC  after my name.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Newman! I LOVE your picture, BTW .... slay me.. lol!


Anonymous said...

A very important public service announcement! And, as you said, doggies can donate blood, too (our local doggie blood bank rejected me, though. Said I had to be 60 lbs. but I'm a pretty petite boxer.) Love the vampire pics, by the way.

Wags and woofs,
Bella the Boxer