Friday, March 27, 2009

Spotlight on Wyatt

I'm not sure if you remember my good friend, Wyatt, the boxer who was campaigning to become the Spokesdog for Milk-Bone. Unfortunately, Wyatt did not win the grand prize of $100,000 for which he had wonderful plans — to promote the importance of canine blood donation — however, he was one of the three dogs chosen to represent Milk-Bone on millions of boxes of biscuits across the world.

Besides being boxers, Wyatt and I share something else in common. We both tend to take things too personally. I consider myself fortunate to have met such a fine friend and confidante. Often times, after a last place finish in the ring, I'll post a message on Facebook for my man Wyatt, seeking his guidance, and he's always there for me. Yes, Wyatt always seems to bring me back to reality with a statement like, "Dude, look at this way, you're still carrying the family jewels!"

Typically, I'm the one seeking solace after getting my boxer butt handed to me in the ring. However, after finding out on national TV during the Bonnie Hunt show that he was not the grand prize winner, Wyatt sought my reassurance that he had not disappointed his fans.

In response to Wyatt's sadness, I penned a poem that I titled "Ode to a Bruised Boxer."
Ode to a Bruised Boxer
When I lose in the ring, it doesn't mean a thing, so I keep my head high.
When I'm down in the dumps and I feel like a chump, I keep my head high.
When my jewels hang low and they swing to and fro', I keep my head high.
When I feel like dirt and my pride is hurt, I keep my head high.
After receiving my cheerful advice, Wyatt has rebounded from his bout of post-Bonnie Hunt show depression and is back in the limelight. Not only was he profiled in the Baltimore Sun, he also appeared on WJZ-TV out of Severna Park, Maryland, my old stomping grounds before relocating to Brushtown.

Learn more about Wyatt's courageous life-saving efforts by visiting the Baltimore Sun online.

Baltimore Sun photo by Barbara Haddock Taylor, November 16, 2008

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