Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Paws-a-tively Great Weekend

This weekend was paws-a-tively great! Yesterday, I spent over an hour visiting with more than 15 residents at the Sarah Todd Memorial Home. We had a great time and plan to make bi-weekly visits. Roger can also join in the fun since he passed his therapy dog test back in November.

Roger getting his beauty sleep before Pawsabilities

Since I spent all day yesterday with Mom, she gave in to Roger's whining and took him to Pawsabilities today where our Dog Scout Troop 161 had an information booth and Triathadog course set up to help raise money for Susquehanna Service Dogs. Plus, Roger has a crush on a fellow Frenchie named Ember who was also helping at the DSA booth so I let him be top dog today. Of course, I did remind him who is boss by "ruffing" him up a little bit before he left for the day.

Newman "ruffs" up his little brother

I must admit that Rog does have fine taste in women. They really don't get much cuter than Ember. She's very smart, too. M&D like the fact that Rog wants to hang out with someone who has brains and beauty -- just maybe he'll learn a trick of two from her.

Rog checks out Ember's Pup Tent

Ember shows off her wheels

As you all know, Mom thinks it's great fun to dress us in costumes. Thank Dog she has yet to turn us into Tony the Tiger!

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