Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy (almost) Animal-versary!

Even though Roger, Thelma and I enjoy playing in the snow, we say enough already. While Mom was kind of hoping for a Noreaster like the one that hit 21 years ago, we all are ready happy for spring and all the wonderful things that it brings like flowers and humming birds. 

M&D distinctly remember the Blizzard of 1993 because that's when they got hitched. After spending five days shoveling to get out and away from each other, Dad popped the question. Mom said she remembers it like it was yesterday. Dad said something like, "Well, I survived living with you the the past five days, I guess it's about time I make an honest woman out of you. What do you say you marry me?" (What a romantic!) 

Mom said, "Yes." They visited the local Justice of the Peace who performed the ceremony, stopped at the grocery store for steak and lobster, and the rest is history. 

So what does one buy a spouse to celebrate 21 years of marital bliss? Well, Dad and I worked our tails off this winter keeping the new driveway snow-free so that it didn't turn into a bobsled track. We had several storms that only dumped a few inches of feathery white fluff that made firing up the snow blower very impractical. Being a retired ice hockey player and avid Flyers fan, Dad mentioned while watching a game last week how nice it would be to have some NHL ice girls with their large snow shovels to clean off the drive like they do the ice rinks. 

NHL Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls

So what does Big Brown, the friendly UPS driver, deliver today? Definitely not NHL ice girls! A ManPlow, of course! Happy (almost) 21st Anniversary, Dad! Nothing but the best for you!

Dad proudly displaying his new ManPlow

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